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Field Trips to the Candy Store

A trip to the old fashioned candy store is a fun, easy and affordable activity to do with your group of 10 or more!


Each student will have an opportunity to:

  • dip 2 pieces of fruit in fudge (strawberries, apples, etc)
  • spin the prize wheel for a piece of old fashioned wrapped candy and a lollipop
  • get a token to the Wowie Zowie gumball machine
  • choose one old fashioned stick candy
  • choose five pieces of taffy
  • enjoy a few tastes of fudge
  • watch the train circling the ceiling and see themselves in the silly mirror too

Busses are welcome. If we know 10 minutes in advance of your arrival we can reserve the parking space next to the store to make it easiest to drop off the students. Note: Some groups have taken their students to Loomis Park (three blocks away) to play on the playscapes before or after the visit to the candy store.

Please contact Danielle or Sharlyn to schedule YOUR field trip to the old fashioned candy store. 517-998-7070  or email  

Minimum 10 kids, scheduled by appointment at least 4 days advance.

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