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Call us: 517-998-7070 Visit us: 1522 East Michigan Avenue, Jackson, MI 49202

Fox 47 names JCFF as one of Jackson’s Top 10 places to visit !

Jackson is one of Michigan’s oldest cities.  Founded in 1829; every block is loaded with history, and every park, storefront or city street has a story to tell.

Rolled up with the likes of The Michigan Theater, Cell Block 7, and Ella Sharp Museum to name a few, is Jackson Candy & Fudge Factory.  It should come as no surprise, as the store has always been focused on the community and its citizens, as well as carving out a niche of top quality, nostalgic old-timey chocolates.  Making sure their chocolate and candy is the best in town has always been the top priority, but walking through the store and stepping back in time is an experience all its own.  A Top 10 experience in all of Jackson!

Click here to see the complete list.

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